Special Screening "The Night View of the Ocean in Yeosu"International premiere

16 September 2017 (Sat) Open11:00/Start11:30
Tokyo National Museum Heiseikan MAP

特別招待作品 『ヨスの夜の海』の画像
© JUNG Hyungsuk


Each year, SHITA COME is proud to present a hand-picked selection of the world’s best comedy films. We hope you will enjoy this year’s comedy from around the world.

GuestJung Hyungsuk,Lee Sungwon

Ticket Information

[Prices]  Advance 1,500yen/ At the door 1,800yen/ General seating

"The Night View of the Ocean in Yeosu"
監督:Jung Hyungsuk
出演:JUNG Hyungsuk, LEE Jiyeon, LEE Hoyeo

Jiseok is a theater director in Seoul. When the work he and his friend are producing is suddenly stalled, he leaves Seoul to escape the debt collector and travels to Yeosu to make a fresh start. There, he meets Mihee, a coffee shop owner, and learns that she likes to write and that she had seen one of his theater productions before. He is attracted to her and tutors her in writing. In thanks, she recommends that he stay at the guest house she runs. However, the bowling alley owner Donggun, who is infatuated with Mihee, schemes to keep the two apart. Meanwhile, a debt collector from Seoul arrives in pursuit of Jiseok. The characters’ motives gradually disturb the serenity of Yeosu.

Three days before filming began, fraudulent activity came to light, forcing the director to use his own credit cards to fund the production. This is his autobiographical story.

This is the autobiographical film of Jung Hyungsuk, who handled production, screenplay, direction, and played the lead role. This film also earned the name "Credit Card Movie" since all production expenses were funded by the director's own credit card. Three days before filming began, the director was defrauded by the production investment company and the co-production company and had to abandon filming. The actors stepped down and the production halted.
© JUNG Hyungsuk

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