Special Screening "We Love Television?"World premiere

16 September 2017 (Sat) Open16:00/Start16:30
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Each year, SHITA COME is proud to present a hand-picked selection of the world’s best comedy films. We hope you will enjoy this year’s comedy from around the world.

GuestKinichi Hagimoto,Toshio Tsuchiya

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[Prices]  Advance 1,500yen/ At the door 1,800yen/ General seating

"We Love Television?"
Director:Toshio Tsuchiya
Cast:Kinichi Hagimoto

This is the one and only documentary on Kinichi Hagimoto―a video journal for those fighting against the times.
What are you passionate about?

Kinichi, or Kin-chan, was a sensation with his comedy duo “Skit #55” that launched him into the TV world. He became a legendary figure and acquired the nickname, "100% viewer rating guy.”
This documentary begins when Toshio Tsuchiya suddenly visits Kin-chan.
Unbeknownst to Kin-chan, everything from the offer to make a program with over 30% viewer rating to post-broadcasting was being recorded. This huge amount of material captured Hagimoto’s endless obsession with entertainment, the crazy secrets of program production, and the enthusiasm of people who work in the TV industry. It’s also full of Hagimoto’s messages for the next generation from start to finish.

The documentary closely follows Hagimoto's newest production since 2011, when analog switched to terrestrial digital broadcasting. Director Toshio Tsuchiya is known for ruling over variety shows, proposing new projects and managing popular programs like the "Denpa Shonen" series. Talented actress Misako Tanaka and popular comedian Junichi Komoto (“Jicho Kacho”) also appear. The film also features innovative experts, broadcasting writer Mitsuhisa Takasu for content development, and Toshiyuki Inoko’s Team Lab Inc. for program set staff.
『We Love Television?』の写真
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