“Weekend Shuffle” (TBS Radio) presents “Tamafule Film Festival in SHITA COME.”

17 September 2017 (Sun) Open11:30/Start12:00
Asakusa Public Hall MAP

“Weekend Shuffle” (TBS Radio) presents “Tamafule Film Festival in SHITA COME.”


About the Event
It is a collaboration with TBS Radio’s “Utamaru from Rhymester’s Weekend Shuffle” (also known as “Tamafule”). The film to be screened is by one of Utamaru’s favorite film directors, Yoshimitsu Morita.
At the Tamafule crew’s talkback, the “Tamafule Film Festival Version” will be revealed!

Ticket Information

[Prices]  Advance 2,000yen/ At the door 2,500yen/ Reserved seats only

“All for Business’ Sake”
(1986/Japan/109 min./Fuji TV)
Director:Yoshimitsu Morita
Cast:Takaaki Ishibashi, Noritake Kinashi, Narumi Yasuda, Kaoru Kobayashi, Yuko Natori, Toru Watanabe

At the height of the bubble economy, a team of three young employees work for "To-sha," the second best company in the TV advertisement industry. They wage a corporate battle against a businessman and his merciless strategies at the number one company “La-sha.
“All for Business’ Sake”
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