Voice Actors' Live Stage: Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Chaplin’s Death

18 September 2017 (Mon/NH) Open17:30/Start18:00
Shinobazu Pond Waterside Music Hall MAP

声優口演ライブ 没後40年チャップリン特集
© Film Presevation Associatesni 映像協力:KADOKAWA


Collaboration of legendary voice actors and the king of comedy!
Since its first appearance as a pre-event of the 1st SHITA COME, this hugely popular event has delivered many impressive voice-acting performances. The most favored material is Chaplin films, and this year’s 10th Voice Actors' Live Stage features Chaplin again!
Also, enjoy the talk show “Forty Years Since His Death: Chaplin Still Fascinates Us,” which will fully discuss the charm of Chaplin.

Voice Actor’sVoice Actor’s,Masako Nozawa,Norio Wakamoto,Koichi Yamadera 

協力:(株)KADOKAWA ・ 日本チャップリン協会

Ticket Information
[Prices]  Advance 3,000yen/ At the door 3,500yen/ Reserved seats only

"Easy Street"

Charlie, a tramp, wanders into a mission and is enraptured by a beautiful young lady. Reforming himself, Charlie becomes a policeman and protects people from local thugs.
© Film Presevation Associatesni

"A Dog’s Life"

Charlie visits the job placement office as usual, but in vain. In front of a sulking Charlie, stray dogs start fighting each other. Seeing himself in one of the dogs being chased by the others, he can’t help but help the dog out. Thus the pair’s new life begins...
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