A Taito Film Commission supported film, Rui Yoshida’s “Wanderer's Notebook”

17 September 2017 (Sun) Open17:30/Start18:00
Kaminari 5656 Kaikan Tokiwa Hall MAP

A Taito Film Commission supported film,Rui Yoshida’s “Wanderer's Notebook”
© 2017 “Rui Yoshida ‘Wanderer's Notebook’ Production Committee”


Yoshida makes his first film appearance in this warmhearted omnibus movie, shot in three pubs.
The charity event "Rui Yoshida and his Buddies" will be held as well!

GuestRui Yoshida

Ticket Information
[Prices]  Advance 1,500yen/ At the door 1,800yen/ General seating

Rui Yoshida’s “Wanderer's Notebook”
(2017/Japan/85 min./Kadokawa)
Director:Naoki Nagao
Cast:Rui Yoshida, Atsushi Ito, Kiyo Matsumoto, Daikichi Sugawara, Masahiro Toda, Kanji Tsuda

This is a boozers’ paradise!
A heartwarming story set in three pubs that depicts a variety of human relationships.

Episode 1
A young girl in disguise takes refuge in Izakaya Chansu, where only people abandoned by life’s opportunities gather. But she turns out to be a member of a popular idol group!

Episode 2
Intense characters such as self-proclaimed beautiful, witchlike hostesses and yakuza bosses appear in front of an ordinary businessman who happens to drop by Izakaya Dotsubo.

Episode 3
Pursued by the police on the suspicion of great fraud, the president of an investment company stops by Furusato Sakaba Tosakko to enjoy the last drink of his life as he recalls his boyhood in Kochi.
Rui Yoshida’s “Wanderer's Notebook”
© 2017 “Rui Yoshida ‘Wanderer's Notebook’ Production Committee”

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