Comedy Award of Honor Special Screenings of Masao Komatsu
コメディ栄誉賞 小松政夫の画像


The Comedy Award of Honor commends those who give joy to people through “laughter.” The 10th anniversary award goes to Masao Komatsu, famous for his hit gags on TV and contributions during the growth and golden age of TV variety shows. He has also displayed serious acting talent in films and dramas while performing nationwide as a comedy actor, winning over his audiences through laughter. In honor of Masao Komatsu, an honorary awards ceremony and other related events will be held.

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  • したコメ携帯サイト
  • Youtube したコメ公式チャンネル
  • したコメ放送局 YouTube Live
  • 協賛・協力
  • 台東区
  • たいとうおでかけナビ
  • 台東区フィルム・コミッション
  • 台東区文化探訪
  • 第28回東京国際映画祭提携企画

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