"NORASCO"- KOTARO’s older sister is here!

17 September 2016 (Sat) Open14:30/Start15:00
Tokyo National Museum HeiseikanMAP

NORASCO- KOTARO’s older sister is here!の画像
© 内山勇士


Short animation stories of KOTARO, a stray Scottish Fold living in downtown Tokyo, and his neighbors. New episodes of “Old Maid” and “Without Notice” handpicked by the director himself to be screened. A talk show with LiLiCo who took part in the original version of “Birthday” as a voice actress, as well as a live illustration show by the director will also be held. We will show you the abundant charm of “NORASCO” including the brand new appearance of KOTARO's older sister Michel!

GuestYuji UchiyamaLiLiCo

Ticket Information
[Prices] Advance 1,300yen/ At the door 1,500yen/ General seating

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NORASCO – "Old Maid" "Without notice"
(2016/Japan/ About 5 min. for 2 stories and selected screenings)

Director:Yuji Uchiyama
Voice Actor:Yuji Uchiyama

KOTARO, a stray Scottish Fold living in downtown Katsushika, Tokyo, enjoys his comforatble daily life with his local friends. He goes to Karaoke with college students, sets up a smartphone for an elderly neighbor, and looks after a fish store… One day, KOTARO is gets a visit from his older sister Michel.
NORASCO – Old Maid の写真
"Old Maid" © 内山勇士

NORASCO –Without noticeの写真
"Without notice" © 内山勇士