Special Screening " Asakusa ~ Tsukuba's Kikujiro" World premiere

17 September 2016 (Sat) Open18:00/Start18:30
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Special Screening  “Asakusa ~ Tsukuba's Kikujiro: The Tsukuba Man who Created Asakusa Rokku”
©2016「浅草・筑波の喜久次郎」製作委員会 / 筑波映像制作株式会社


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GuestRyo Tamura, Yuriko Hoshi, Reiko Mizumachi

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[Prices] Advance 1,300yen/ At the door 1,500yen/ General seating

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" Asakusa ~ Tsukuba's Kikujiro: The Tsukuba Man who Created Asakusa Rokku"
World premiere
(2016/Japan/96min./ Distributed by Is.Field)
Director:Makoto Naganuma
Cast:Ken Matsudaira, Jun Hasegawa, Chiemi Toi, Reiko Mizumachi, Ryo Tamura, Yuriko Hoshi, Kumiko Akiyoshi, Saburo Kitajima

Keisuke Koda has a small theater company in Tsukuba, which was in dire straits. A landlady of his theater makes a peculiar proposal that if Keisuke would produce and perform a truly moving play dedicated to her, and give a part to a young woman, named Naomi Yamada, then she would cancel the rent arrears and let the theater survive. One day, Keisuke finds old sketches of Asakusa drawn in the Meiji era. When he is taking a stroll in Asakusa with these sketches, he is strangely sent back to the past, beyond time and space, with his writer, Yumeko.

There he meets a man named Kikujiro Yamada, a highly aspired, compassionate man from Tsukuba, who dedicated his life to prospering Asakusa Rokku to become the greatest entertainment district in modern Japan, giving dreams and hopes to ordinary people and producing legendary stars of the era. Along with Kikujiro was Hamakichi Negishi, the finest showman in Asakusa, who also led Asakusa Rokku to its height. The film is full of drama and passion!
“Asakusa ~ Tsukuba's Kikujiro: The Tsukuba Man who Created Asakusa Rokku”
©2016「浅草・筑波の喜久次郎」製作委員会 / 筑波映像制作株式会社