Short Film Competition SHITACOME Grand Prize 2016

18 September 2016 (Sun) Open14:00/Start14:30
Kaminari 5656 Kaikan Tokiwa HallMAP

Short Film Competition SHITACOME Grand Prize 2016


In its eighth year, the SHITA COME Grand Prize will screen 11 nominated original comedy films which are less than 20 minutes. We have invited a panel of top-notch jury members again this year, who will decide the winners of Grand Prize, the Runner-up Prize, and the Audience Award. We will also be showing an avanttitle directed by last year’s Grand Prize winner, as well as the specially Invited film “Nuts!”, “Country of men”, and “Drum-man Z – An unexpected incident triggered by the drumsticks.”


JURY MEMBERSHideyuki Hirayama,Daisuke Iga,Kimitaka Goka,Seiko Ito(General Creative Producer)

Ikki(The Slugman Show)…The winner of SHITA COME Grand Prize 2015

Ticket Information
[Prices]  Advance 1,500yen/ At the door 1,800yen/ General seating

◆Selected Works
18 reasons why my iPhone is crackedThe Amityville Horror in JapanEryngii Samurai - Women are scaryOkanroid
Between the lines Beginning With The Love Ten ten ten.Neapolitan
The Slugman Show 2016 ‘Meet Again’ Another Person

◆U-25 Special Category

◆Invited Works
Country of men 
DRUMMANz (The Unexpected Happening of Stick)

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Grand Prize
Grand Prize


(2016/Japan/9 min. 24 sec.)
Director: Kousaku Dohi
Cast:Taisei Kami, Shohei Asada

The usual chitchat breaks down as soon as the film begins.

◆What is the “U-25 Special Category”?
This category is set specifically for directors aged 25 or below. Of the applications, films noted for their excellence will be forwarded to the final review under this category.

Second Prize & Audience Award
Second Prize & Audience Award
"18 reasons why my iPhone is cracked"
(2016/Japan/16min. 31sec.)
Director: Shigeto Ohkita
Cast:Koichi Fujiwara, Shogo Koseki

Some people’s smartphone screens are all cracked, and there are circumstances that are not just accidental. This is a miraculous story behind iPhone’s crack.
18 reasons why my iPhone is crackedの写真
Jury's Special Prize
Jury's Special Prize
"Ten ten ten."
(2015/Japan/3 min. 10 sec.)
Director:Kateikyoshi Tetsuou
Cast:Kateikyoshi Tetsuou

A high school student preparing for college entrance exams is lackadaisical about his future. Discovering his dream, he suddenly becomes serious…
 Ten ten ten.の写真

Selected Works
"The Amityville Horror in Japan"
(2016/Japan/11min. 22sec.)
Director:Shinya Matsumura
Cast: Yun Toyama, Yoko Zan

The full truth about a mysterious house said to be haunted is revealed for the first time!
The Amityville Horror in Japanの写真
© ガジェットフィルム2016

"Eryngii Samurai - Women are scary"
(2016/Japan/5 min. 9 sec.)
Director:Eiji Sakurai
Cast:Eiji Sakurai (voice)

Master swordsman Eryngii Samurai is lured by a beautiful woman into a freak show. Inside awaits a whirl of slapstick, eroticism, horror, comedy, and period drama puppet animation.
Eryngii Samurai - Women are scaryの写真

(2016/Japan/10 min. 30 sec.)
Director:Iori Fujiwara
Cast:Kikyo Tsuyuno, Akihiro Furukawa

On the day before his wedding, Takuya Tsuda receives a package from his mother, Yoshiko, who died five years ago. Opening the package, he finds, to his great surprise, an android identical to her.

"Between the lines"
(2016/Japan/ 5 min.)
Director:Daisuke Yamaoka
Cast:Sumire Ashina, Ikunosuke

When a younger man confesses his love to an older woman, she may fear her resolution may waver. Anyone who has ever fallen in love will empathize and giggle over this story.
Between the linesの写真
© マウンテンクロス

"Beginning With The Love"
(2016/Japan/19 min. 8 sec.)
Director:Fu Ogasawara 
Cast:Misato Mochizuki, Kayoko Kimura

Grandad died. Kaoru, who works in Tokyo, returns to her hometown for his funeral. Kaoru has a reconciliation with her family and bids her grandad farewell, but…
 Beginning With The Loveの写真

(2016/Japan/19 min. 46 sec.)
Director:Shinichirou Ueda
Cast:Ryuichi Kawaguchi, Yuzuki Akiyama

Kawaguchi, a businessman, is poor at active listening. One day, everything others say suddenly sounds like “Neapolitan” to him…

"The Slugman Show 2016 ‘Meet Again’"
(2016/Japan/20 min.)
Cast:ikki, Masashi Igarashi

Yoshida, a burnt-out high school teacher, comes across a former student called Daisuke. This fatal reunion becomes the longest and toughest day in his life.
The Slugman Show 2016 ‘Meet Again’の写真

"Another Person"
(2015/Japan/18 min. 49 sec.)
Director: YuichiroTaniguchi
Cast:Sho Mineo, Haruka Kub

The protagonist’s single fastidious interest is coffee. One day, he gets to know the woman next door and helps her find her house key…
 Another Personの写真

Invited Works
"Country of men" 
(2016/Japan/12 min.)
Director:Haruki Nakagawa
Cast:Shinji Nishiura, Kei Kato

This is a second film by Director Haruki Nakagawa who won the Nasu Award 2015 Grand Prize at the Nasu Short Film Festival with his Yakuza love comedy musical “Koisuru Gokudo.” It is a story of emotional bond and sorrow of Yakuza.
Country of men の写真

"DRUMMANz (The Unexpected Happening of Stick)"
Director:BoBA (Yoji Tanaka)
Cast: Mr. Konishi(Flower Companyz), Tatsuya Nakamura

Yasufumi, a mediocre drummer gets tired of music, love, as well as his life, and throws away his drumsticks into a canal. Suddenly, gods with golden drumsticks appear and their drum battle betting on the truth starts!
DRUMMANz (The Unexpected Happening of Stick) の写真

(2016/U.S./9 min.)
Director:Angeles Woo
Cast:Charlotte Taschen、John Robilette

Charly the caregiver accompanies her elderly client Fred to a gallery where conceptual artists gather. She resorts to a burst of her hidden martial arts skills to protect Fred who was treated coldly.


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