Cinema Kabuki "Oedo Living Dead"in SHITA COME

18 September 2016 (Sun) Open10:30/Start11:00
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Cinema Kabuki Oedo Living Dead in SHITA COME


Kankuro Kudo, who is active in various fields such as screenwriting, directing, acting, and music, produced exceptional work, “Oedo Living Dead.” The zombies appeared in the Edo era work as temporary workers instead of humans. Featuring unique talents of Syutoku Mukai in music, Daisuke Iga in costume, and Kotobuki Shiriagari in set and curtain design come together at the Kabukiza theatre. The modern Kabuki which has combined entertainment and social issues was born.

GuestShichinosuke Nakamura,Kamezo Kataoka,Kankuro Kudo,冨士滋美(浅草観光連盟会長)

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[Prices] Advance 2,000yen/ At the door 2,500yen/ Reserved seats only

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"Oedo Living Dead"
(Released on Oct. 16, 2010. Performance at Kabukiza in 2009/103min./SHOCHIKU)

Screenplay by, producer: Kankuro Kudo
Cast:Somegoro Ichikawa, Shichinosuke Nakamura, Mitsugoro Bando, Kanzaburo Nakamura

In Oedo in the Edo era, the dead had Kusaya fish soup poured on them and came back to life as zombies. The entire Edo town makes a fuss over zombies who bite people and continue to increase. Hansuke, who came from Niijima Island known as a famous production area of Kusaya, succeeds in controlling them. He founds a staffing company, “Hakenya Hansuke” with Oyo, whom he takes a fancy to, and gets the zombies to work. Zombies take on unpleasant chores for less money without a murmur and Hansuke does gangbuster business. But eventually, battle ensues between the temporary worker zombies who never die and the people who lost their jobs due to zombies.
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