Information Centers & Exhibitions 【admission free】

Visit these locations for the latest information about the 9th SHITA COME and related events.
Information / Exhibitions

Asakusa Public Hall Lobby(located on the first floor)
Date・Place :

Sep. 16 (Fri) – Sep. 19(Mon/National Holiday)
Asakusa Public Hall Lobby(located on the first floor)

・SHITA COME Information Center
・Playback SHITA COME(archives)
・Panel exhibition: Asakusa ~ Tsukuba's Kikujiro.
・Special exhibit: "Tora-san Memorial" and "Director Yoji Yamada Museum."

“Playback SHITA COME”

Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center width=

Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center
“Comedy City Taito Exhibition”

[Film Screenings] 6F
Dates: Aug. 1 – Sep. 19 (Mon/National Holiday)
Winners of the SHITA COME Grand Prize 2015 will be shown.
(Grand Grand Prize, the Runner-up Prize, the Audience Award and more)

[Panel Exhibits] 7F
Dates: Jul. 19 (Tue) - Sep. 16 (Wed)

“ASAKUSA, the Holy Land of Entertainment – a Glorious 130 Years”

Shitamachi Cultural History Museum

Date・Place :
Oct. 1 (Sat)-Dec. 4 (Sun)
Shitamachi Cultural History Museum

Special Exhibit “ASAKUSA, the Holy Land of Entertainment-
a Glorious 130 Years”, a video showing of the making of “Kikujiro of Tsukuba and Asakusa” will be held.

Official Goods
During the Film Festival, it will sell the SHITA COME official goods.

トートバッグ グリーン
トートバッグ 青

●Tote Bag

 Color: Blue, Pastel Green
 Price: 500yen


●Can batch

 Price: 500yen


●Muffler Towel

Color: Pastel Green, Rose Pink, Blue, Pink
Price: 500yen


●Official Catalog

Price: 1,000yen