Special Screening "The Teacher's Diary"

21 September 2015 (Mon) Open14:00/Start14:30
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guestNithiwat Tharatorn

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"The Teacher's Diary"
(2014 / Thailand / 110min. / Moviola)
Director: Nithiwat Tharatorn
Cast: Sukrit Wisetkaew,Chermarn Boonyasak

A goofy young man named Song was sent to teach at a school on a lake in the boonies with no electricity, water supply, or even phone service. Having no experience in teaching, his life gets hectic with a bunch of mischievous children and a series of mistakes. One day Song finds a notebook his female predecessor Ann had left. It was Ann's diary. Not only her worries and joys were written in it, but also her feeling as a young lady. Song finds himself falling in love with Ann whom he has never met before.

Set in a school on a lake in Thailand, a newly assigned inexperienced teacher falls in love with his predecessor by reading her diary that was left behind. "The Teacher's Diary" made a huge success bringing in the elements of both comedy and cavity-causing sweet love story. The director of "My Girl" (2003), Nithiwat Tharatorn, was joined by two stars as leading actors to fill the film with laughter and tears, making the audience realize the most precious things. This brilliant heart-warming film has been selected as the Thai entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards.
Special Screening “The Teacher's Diary”の写真
©2014 GMM Tai Hub Co., Ltd.
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