Special Screening "MOONWALKERS"<R15+>Japan Premiere

20 September 2015 (Sun) Open10 :00/Start10:30
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Special Screening “MOONWALKERS”の画像
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guestTomoe Shinohara

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[Prices] Advance 1,300yen/ At the door 1,500yen/ General seating

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"MOONWALKERS"<R15+>Japan Premiere
(2015 / France・Belgium / 94min. / In courtesy of Nikkatsu、VAP / Distributed by Nikkatsu、CAMDEN)
Director: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
Cast: Ron Perlman,Rupert Grint,Robert Sheehan

The film is set in 1969. The US government lost its patience with NASA to land on the moon. They dispatch CIA agent, Kidman (Ron Perlman), to London; his mission: to ask Kubrick, the director of "2001: A Space Odyssey," to make a fake movie. However, Kidman who just returned from the Vietnam War doesn't know much about movies and ends up having a huge amount of production fee stolen by Johnny (Rupert Grint), a deep-in-debt loser happened to be at Kubrick's office. Kidman realizes he was masterminded and tries to take the money back...

The US government asks Kubrick to fake a moon landing? A slapstick comedy of the guys who planned the largest forgery operation in human history! Set in the 1960s swinging London, where young culture was full in bloom, the story develops around a CIA agent who couldn't find Kubrick and ends up creating the forgery operation of the century with a deep-in-debt loser.

Official Web Site: http://moonwalkers-movie.jp
Special Screening “MOONWALKERS”の写真
© Partizan Films- Nexus Factory - Potemkino 2015
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