Short Film Competition SHITACOME Grand Prize 2015

21 September 2015 (Mon) Open10:00/Start10:30
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Short Film Competition SHITACOME Grand Prize 2015の画像


For its seventh year, the SHITA COME Grand Prize will screen ten films. We have invited a panel of top-notch juries that will decide the winners of the Grand Prize, the Runner-up Prize, and the Audience Award. The festival's trailer directed by last year's Grand Prize winner. The specially invited film, "TEBANA SANKICHI 2015 SHITA COME Version" will be shown as well.

Ryuichi Hiroki, Kamiko Inuyama, Hajime Anzai, Seiko Ito

Ryuichi Hiroki, Kamiko Inuyama, Hajime Anzai, Seiko Ito P

Yabure Taitsu (Maki Nishimoto and Yun Hayama) (SHITA COME Grand Prize 2014Winner)

◆Selected Works
“Come On! Waku-Waku Park”“Don’t Push That Button”“The Milkman”“Smell, But I Love You”
“Laugh and Get Fat”“Drama”“The slug man's show THE MOVIE 2015`In your eyes´”“NINJA vs. YAKUZA”
“THE BOX”“Manjiu”

◆Invited Work
“Snot Rockets: TEBANA SANKICHI 2015, SHITA COME Ver.”

guestYudai Yamaguchi, Taku Sakaguchi, Takumi Saito

Ticket Information

[Prices] Advance 1,500yen/ At the door 1,800yen/ General seating

> Special Report(by Shitacome Supporeter)

Grand Prize & Audience Award

“The slug man's show THE MOVIE 2015`In your eyes´”(イッキ監督)がグランプリと観客賞をダブル受賞!
“The slug man's show THE MOVIE 2015`In your eyes´”
(2015 / Japan / 19min. 56sec.)
Director: Ikki

Takahiro and Rie have been going out for three years. Today is their anniversary. At their special bar, Takahiro plans to propose to her, but… An outright romantic comedy that takes you on roller coaster ride of love and hate.
“The slug man's show THE MOVIE 2015`In your eyes´”の写真

Second Prize

“The Milkman”(長尾理世監督、小田篤監督)が、準グランプリを受賞!

“The Milkman”
(2015 / Japan / 19min. 58sec.)
Directors: Riyo Nagao, Atsushi Oda

One night while delivering milk, a girl from the neighborhood (Himari) speaks to Matsui out of the blue.
“The Milkman”の写真
© "Monthly Riyo Nagao" Project

Nominated Works

“Come On! Waku-Waku Park”
(2014 / Japan / 15min. 10sec.)
Director: Takuya Koyama

I made a children's TV program and this is how it turned out.
“Come On! Waku-Waku Park”の写真

“Don’t Push That Button”
(2014 / Japan / 15min.)
Director: Nobuo Obi

Imamura is an ordinary office worker. One day, Imamura is forced into buying a surreal product that goes by the name of "Don't Push That Button" at a company drinking party. Can he resist the desire to push the button?
“Don’t Push That Button”の写真

“Smell, But I Love You”
Director: Kazuo Nagai

Makoto is troubled by his girlfriend's bad breath but he is unable to tell her about it. He talks to a dentist and is given a measuring device for bad breath called a "Smelizer."
“Smell, But I Love You”の写真

“Laugh and Get Fat”
(2015 / Japan / 20min.)
Director: Mai Sakai

With no boyfriend and a boring job, Arimi is tired of her monotonous life. Arimi, who can only fake smile, finds an inactive Oosu Entertainment Hall… "Let's make her laugh."
“Laugh and Get Fat”の写真

(2015 / Japan / 19min. 4sec.)
Director: Kazuaki Kitahara

Yuki's sister, Mayumi, likes Yuki's long-time friend, Kohta, but he likes someone else. Yuki tries hard to set the two up but…

(2015 / Japan / 11min. 47sec.)
Director: Shunsuke Ichida

The strongest ninja versus the deadliest yakuza, a battle to the death!

(2015 / Japan / 13min. 13sec.)
Director: Atsushi Ito

Ippei Yuki, an advertising sales agent, is totally overwhelmed with preparations for his presentation that's to take place in three days. Then, he finds a box he has never seen before. "A box?" What could be in the box?
“THE BOX”の写真

(2015 / Japan / 8min. 30sec.)
Directors: Eri Yoshimura, Ryo Sato, Mei Tsunemasu, Cazyo Misho

The crops have been devastated by a typhoon and funeral services aren't cheap. Loved ones gather at the old man's funeral for the food, comically depicting funeral guests.

Invited Work

“Snot Rockets: TEBANA SANKICHI 2015, SHITA COME Ver.”
(2014 / Japan / 40 min.)
Director: Yudai Yamaguchi
Cast: Taku Sakaguchi, Takumi Saitoh

guestYudai Yamaguchi, Taku Sakaguchi, Takumi Saitoh

The latest feature length film of his legendary independent work, "Tebana Sankichi: Snot Rocket & Super Detective."

“Snot Rockets: TEBANA SANKICHI 2015, SHITA COME Ver.”

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