Special Screening "ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING"Japan Premiere

21 September 2015 (Mon) Open17 :30/Start18:00
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Special Screening “ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING”の画像
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guestTsutomu SekineAkio MiyazawaTakashi MatsuoYasunari SudaSeiko Ito(General Creative Producer)

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(2015 / England / 85min. / In courtesy of PARCO、HAPPINET、Synca / Distributed by Synca)
Director: Terry Jones
Cast: Simon Pegg,Kate Beckinsale,Robin Williams,(Voice Actors)
"Monty Python" (Voice Actors)

Far away over the galactic system, aliens were plotting to destroy Earth. Since the Galaxy Act gives all planets one chance to survive, the invaders randomly choose one Earthling to decide the Earth's fate. Unknowingly, a teacher in London named Neil, was instilled with an almighty power to change Earth's destiny. However, he wastes the power by only enjoying it with his dog Dennis. Can Neil really change the Earth's destiny?

British star comedians gather up to make the audience roll about with laughter in this Sci-Fi comedy! The members of the legendary comedy group, Monty Python, return as the director (Terry Jones) and voice actors for this film. Hollywood star Simon Pegg being a huge fan of the Monty Python, made a fervent request to co-star in the film. Moreover, this came to be the last comedy of Robin Williams who played Dennis the dog. It is a jaw-dropping comedy about a man who was gifted with a "miracle power" to do absolutely anything he wants.
Special Screening “ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING”の写真
© 2015 Anything Absolutely Ltd All Rights Reserved
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