Jacques Tati, Our uncle: Haruomi Hosono x Seiko Ito - The 7th Down Town Taito International Comedy Film Festival
Jacques Tati, Our uncle: Haruomi Hosono x Seiko Ito

15 September 2014 (Mon NH)  Open16:30/Start17:00
Shinobazu pond waterside music hall 

Jacques Tati, Our uncle: Haruomi Hosono x Seiko Itoの画像

Jacques Tati is the one of the most influential directors and comedic actors of France. Celebrating the new release of The Complete Jacques Tati on DVD/Blu-ray, we welcome a special guest, Haruomi Hosono whose first vinyl record ever bought was Tati’s “My Uncle”, an original soundtrack album for his film “My Uncle”. Hosono and SHITA COME general creative producer, Seiko Ito will talk about how great a comedian Tati really was.


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[Prices] Advance 1500yen/ At the door 1,800yen/ General seating

My uncle
(1958/france/116min./Distributed by NIPPON COLUMBIA CO.,LTD.)
Director:Jacques Tati
Cast:Jacques Tati, Alain Bécourt

Mr. Hulot visits the ultra-modern technology-driven villa run by his sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Arpel, and nephew Gérard, who as a family run a plastic factory. Gérard likes to hang out with his uncle Hulot rather than be in his uncomfortable house while Mr. and Mrs. Arpel feel uneasy about Hulot, who is unemployed and lives in an old and run-down city district. When Mr. and Mrs. Arpel attempt to get him a job and wife, what is Hulot going to do?

Ⓒ1958 Les Films de Mon Oncle – Specta Films C.E.P.E.C.

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