Comedy Award of Honor,Toshiyuki Nishida - The 7th Down Town Taito International Comedy Film Festival
Comedy Award of Honor,Toshiyuki Nishida

15 September 2014 (Mon NH)  Open10:45/Start11:00
Tokyo Kinema Club 

Comedy Award of Honor,Toshiyuki Nishida

The Comedy Award of Honor is given to those who provide joy to people through laughter. This year, the award goes to Toshiyuki Nishida, whose outstanding performances delight audiences through TV shows, films, stage performances and music. We are proud to present one of the most famous comedians in Japan, Toshiyuki Nishida. Toshiyuki Nishida on stage to talk show after the screening!

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[Prices] Advance 1,300yen/ At the door 1,500yen/ General seating

Free and Easy
(1988/Japan/93min./Distributed by SHOCHIKU Co.,Ltd)
Director:Tomio Kuriyama
Cast:Toshiyuki Nishida, Rentaro Mikuni

Fishing enthusiast Densuke Hamazaki was transferred to the head office of his company, which meant a move from Takamatsu City to Tokyo with his beloved wife Michiko. He hit it off well with seemingly “poor and lonely” old man Suzuki who also likes fishing, and the two enjoy fishing together without knowing anything about the other. This is the first installment of the “Free and Easy” film franchise.
Free and Easy
©1988 SHOCHIKU Co.,Ltd

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