Short Film Competition SHITACOME Grand Prize 2014 - The 7th Down Town Taito International Comedy Film Festival
Short Film Competition  SHITACOME Grand Prize 2014

14 September 2014 (Sun) Open10:15/Start10:30
Tokyo Kinema Club 

Short Film Competition SHITACOME Grand Prize 2014の画像

In its sixth year, the SHITA COME Grand Prize will screen total of 12 films from the preliminary competition, as well as“U-25 Special Category”titles. We have invited a panel of top-notch jurors, and will decide the winners of Grand Prize, the Runner-up Prize, the Audience Award and the U-25 Special Award with you at the site. We will also be showing an avant-title of the festival directed by last year’s Grand Prize winner, along with a special screening of the invited film “Balancer”.

Ticket Information
[Prices] 1,500yen/ At the door 1,800yen/ General seating

Daihachi Yoshida,Yoriko Doguchi,Nameko Shinsan,Seiko Ito

Masafumi Kuroda(SHITA COME Grand Prize 2013Winner)

◆Selected Works
Are you really Umekichi?Let's go home!Confession ranking of girlfriendsee ya Mr.Banno!
The Washing Machine Gives Life a SpinNamekuji Gekijou The movie take 3Security system of Japan
Verge of ExplosionHATTORI!!!!NOBUHIDE : A Fleeting Dream  

◆U-25 Special Category
ECIRAVAJoshi! Yomikiri! Comicworld!  

◆Invited Work
Balancer worldpremiere

Selected Works

Are you really Umekichi?
Director:Naomi Takayama

Umekichi, a bullied child, finds out that Ryunosuke, the popular boy and the student council president, is really a girl. Umekichi gradually falls in love with the inner side of Ryunosuke.

Are you really Umekichi?の写真

Let's go home!
Director:Takuya Matsumoto

Riku is the rapper of a hip-hop group which has just broken up. This triggers him to propose to his girlfriend Mai and return to his hometown with her. Riku tries to introduce Mai to his mother, who brought him up by herself.

Let's go home!の写真

Confession ranking of girlfriend
(2013/Japan/19min. 50sec.)
Director:Shinichirou Ueda

One day, a man proposes to his girlfriend. He was expecting to be naturally accepted but she says she must “make 17 confessions”. Can he accept all those confessions and decide to marry her?

Confession ranking of girlfriendの写真

see ya Mr.Banno!
(2013/Japan/4min. 23sec.)
Director:Yoko Yuki

The homeroom teacher Mr. Banno comes in with shaved head. Students laugh at him calling him “baldy”. One day he flies away on a balloon…

see ya Mr.Banno!の写真
© 2014 Yoko Yuki/Tokyo University of the Arts

The Washing Machine Gives Life a Spin
(2014/Japan/16min. 10sec.)
Director:CONEY Shun

Shigeru Mogi who was running late for a blind date finds an abandoned washing machine in a field. He finds himself getting stuck in it. While every passerby ignores him, his blind date Sachiko coincidentally runs by.

The Washing Machine Gives Life a Spinの写真

Namekuji Gekijou The movie take 3
(2014/Japan/19min. 43sec.)
Director:Shinya Matsumura

An expert of Japanese people introduces the habits of the Japanese. The unknown side of Japanese people will be unveiled.

Namekuji Gekijou The movie take 3』の写真

Security system of Japan
(2013/Japan/5min. 12sec.)
Director:Iori Fujiwara

The cast of a mysterious shadow closes in on a girl staying alone at home. In the nick of time, the world’s highest-level Japanese security system operates.

Security system of Japanの写真

Verge of Explosion
(2014/Japan/8min. 46sec.)
Director:Yusuke Fujii

A tough-looking guy who is a devoted fan of the bombshell idol “Milky” greets the poster of her on his wall every day before leaving the house. One day, the “real” Milky shows up in front of him.

Verge of Explosionの写真

(2014/Japan/19min. 38sec.)
Director:Akiyoshi Koba

Shy girl Sayuri is a descendant of the Hattori ninja family. Hoping to meet someone special, she decides to meet up with the members of internet group “Historical Figure’s Descendant Club”. She decides to go on a date with a descendant of the Tokugawa family.


NOBUHIDE : A Fleeting Dream
(2013/Japan/12min. 22sec.)
Director:Akihiko Hashino

Historical figure Nobunaga Oda is about to commit suicide by sword in the Honnoji Incident when he is transported to the modern age. He is saved, considered to be a man who lost his memory and becomes the manager of a theme bar inspired by the Japanese civil war period. The customers motivate him to be ambitious again to rule the world.

NOBUHIDE : A Fleeting Dreamの写真

U-25 Special Category
What is the “U-25 Special Category”?

This category is set specifically for directors aged 25 or below. Of the applications, films noted for their excellence will be forwarded to the final review under this category.

(2014/Japan/2min. 27sec.)
Director:Daisuke Kaneko

A man finds a broken mirror and carts of the homeless at the back of a street. As he tries to steal what’s inside the carts, the mirror mysteriously fixes itself…


Joshi! Yomikiri! Comicworld!
(2014/Japan/8min. 53sec.)
Director:Maki Nishimoto, Yumi Hayama

Lately I bought a new manga for its cover.

Joshi! Yomikiri! Comicworld!の写真

Invited Work

Balancer worldpremier
(2014/Japan/20min. schd.)
Planner and producer:Takumi Saitoh
Cast:Hiroki Kobari (Abarerukun), Takumi Saitoh, Keiko Enoue (Nicche), Kumiko Kondo (Nicche), Isao Tsuneda (Badnice-Tsuneda)

In front of a man who started to lead a favorable life, a mystery man suddenly appears to open up cruel days.


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