Europe Kikaku presents The Short Comedy Film Selection from Kyoto

2013年9月16日(月・祝) Open10:30/Start11:00
Koshidaka Theater

Europe Kikaku presents The Short Comedy Film Selection from Kyoto
The first ever collaboration between theater group Europe Kikaku and SHITA COME! Europe Kikaku have selected their 10 best comedy movies from a catalogue of nearly 200 short films produced to date.
Come and enjoy Kyoto-style comedy, which offers laughter, sarcasm and much more!

Ticket Information

Advance 1,500yen/ At the door 1,800yen/ General seating
*With one drink

進行Europe Kikaku
進行Gota Ishida, Makoto Ueda, Tomohiro Otoshi, Yoshifumi Sakai, Takashi Sumita, Masashi Suwa, Munenori Nagano, Naoko Nishimura, Chikara Honda
ゲストKotomi Kyono

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Finish Time 13:30

*The guests and talk shows are subject to change without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Nominated Films

"Seventeen years old, listening to a gravelly blues song"
Director:Gota Ishida
Cast:Masashi Suwa

He is a 17-year old high school student, who looks down on all his classmates except for one – the girl he likes. But one day, on his way back from school, he sees her kissing another man…

Seventeen years old, listening to a gravelly blues songの写真

"In the Woods"
Director:Makoto Ueda
Cast:Europe Kikaku

One rainy night, a team of detectives were gathered at a crime scene, but there was one problem. Way too many of them were crammed in the tiny house…

In the Woodsの写真

Director:Tomohiro Otoshi
Cast:Takehiro Oishi

Mafia gang Fujii-gumi gets hold of the password “GO” needed to view records of under-the-counter accounting by rival gang Yamaoka-gumi. A desperate attempt to pass on the information to an ally begins…

Director:Yoshifumi Sakai
Cast:Masahiro Kuroki

A mysterious disc suddenly appears in the sky. As civilians run to escape and towers get smashed, five machines get ready for action! The director has played multiple roles, from shooting the special effects to composing the theme song.

Director:Takashi Sumita
Cast:Takashi Sumita

For Shizue, who is middle-aged and single, every day is the same – just another day of commute to and from work. This new style of animation depicts the struggles of being trapped in the labyrinth of daily life in this modern-day society.

"Shadow Man"
Director:Masashi Suwa
Cast:Masashi Suwa

One day out of the blue, your shadow upgrades from being two-dimensional to three-dimensional. Then the shadow gets its own shadow, which becomes 3D as well before the entire process is repeated…
Shadow Manの写真

Director:Munenori Nagano
Cast:Munenori Nagano

You get home one day to find that the word “GO” is scattered all over your tiny room! Is someone playing a trick, or…?

Director:Naoko Nishimura

Under the magical spell of a monster, a group of apples take off on a journey in search of ingredients for a full-course menu. An all handmade clay animation where you can even see the fingerprints of the creator.

Director:Chikara Honda
Cast:Yoshifumi Sakai


Special Mid-Length Feature "Another UFO"
Director:Masashi Suwa

A college student is kidnapped by an UFO so many times that they feel like they know each other. You won't see more UFO kidnapping than this anywhere else in the world.
Another UFOの写真

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