Short Film Competition SHITACOME Grand Prize 2013

15 September 2013 (Sun) Open10:00/Start10:30
Asakusa publick hall

Short Film Competition SHITACOME Grand Prize 2013の画像

The SHITA COME Grand Prize - our own short film competition for original comedy films of 20 minutes or less - is now in its fifth year. We will be screening the top 12 films from the main competition submissions andU-25 Special Category.
As in previous years, we have gathered a glittering panel of judges, and are eagerly awaiting the selection of Grand Prize,Runner-up and Audience Award winners with an enthusiastic audience!

Ticket Information

Advance 1,300yen/ At the door 1,500yen/ General seating

Kenji Uchida, Shiro Sasaki, Jun Miura, Seiko Ito

Finish Time 16:00

*The guests and talk shows are subject to change without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding.

"Image Club"/ "Old Man Skateboarder"/ "Grow Up"/ "Omen"/
"The Rush Hour Commuters"/ "Namekuji Gekijou, The Movie, Take 2.22"/ "Forgotten Story"/
"Neo-Momotaro"/ "Hello, this is a scam"/ "Secret of the Ring"

U-25 Special Category
"Summer Rotation"/"Frill"

Invited Work
"Galactica Dosei Jidai – Kikki to Cheririn" World Premiere


"Image Club"
Director:Eri Yoshida

A man with no future at work and whose family has all but given up on him, drops into an “image club” costume fantasy sex joint that he happens to pass one night. But this was no regular image club...

Image Clubの写真

"Old Man Skateboarder"
Director:Kenichi Arai

An old guy starts hassling a young skateboarder practicing his moves,trying to buy his board. A slapstick-style comedy depicting the battle between the two would-be skateboarders.

Old Man Skateboarderの写真

"Grow Up"
Director:Masafumi Kuroda

Mabo and Tamotsu have made it to second year in middle school. Teased by some toughs, they hatch a plan to get back at them, but…

Grow Upの写真

Director:Makiko Nishimoto, Yumi Hayama

Fifteen year-old youth, Yoshimasa, and the owner of a coffee shop. The two meet because of a mask. And there this story of friendship begins.


"The Rush Hour Commuters"
Director:Akifumi Nonaka

They head to work in the morning fighting to stay awake, they return home at night fighting exhaustion. These people are genuine commuter rush professionals.

The Rush Hour Commutersの写真

"Namekuji Gekijou, The Movie, Take 2.22"
(2013/Japan/ 18min.33sec.)
Director:Shinya Matsumura

An omnibus film:
1) “Married Couple”: A couple's relationship starts to derail over a trifle.
2) “Icha”: The unfortunate tale of a doctor who fluffs his lines.
3) “Outrage Kids”: The great pre-schooler war.

Namekuji Gekijou, The Movie, Take 2.22の写真

"Forgotten Story"
(2012/Japan/ 20min.)
Director:Shoh Kataoka

“What was her name?” Those times when no matter how hard you try, you just can't remember someone's name seem to come around more often as you get older. A male-female drama depicting some of the sadnesses in life.

Forgotten Storyの写真

(2013/Japan/ 19min.58sec.)
Director:Manabu Oda

The story of a college film club.


"Hello, this is a scam"
(2013/Japan/ 14min.58sec.)
Director:Yosuke Goto

On the way back to his hometown, Ryota causes an accident and is threatened by gangsters for settlement money.Calling and asking his mother for two million yen seems just too much like the well-known “It's me, Mom” scam.

Hello, this is a scamの写真

"Secret of the Ring"
Director:Yuichiro Taniguchi

One morning, Tomoko Mizumoto sends Kenji Shindo off to work as usual. She then gets a call from Kenji asking her to find something he forgot. But instead of finding what he had forgotten, she ends up finding something else...

Secret of the Ringの写真
(C) Hero No.1 Films

U-25 Special Category

What is the "U-25 Special Category"?

This category is specifically for works by directors aged 25 or below. Out of all films submitted for competition, works of particular excellence that meet the age criterion will be selected for final adjudication in this category.

"Summer Rotation"
Director:Norikazu Oda

To keep their occult study group going,Tani and Yoshimura invite someone they met at a singles party, Izumi, to join. Sanae brings along some things that belonged to the now dead Sega. When they test the power of a strange statue amongst them, …

Summer Rotationの写真

(2012/Japan/ 7min.)
Director:Arisa Kubo, Mamiko Sato

Having lost c onfidenc e in its own appearance, our main character wanders the desert. When it finally comes to a house, something very strange happens…


Invited Work

Supported by the Taito-ku Film Commission

"Galactica Dosei Jidai – Kikki to Cheririn"World Premiere
Director:Devi Kobayashi
Cast:Devi Kobayashi, Yui Ogasawara, Chizuru Amano, Shu Kageyama, Keisuke Yamamoto, Takeshi Watari, Seiko Ito
Special Effects:Yutaro Sawada
A folk duo from outer space appears in downtown Asakusa! What future awaits the alien couple??

Galactica Dosei Jidai – Kikki to Cheririn

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