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SHITA COME Festival Announcements

22nd November (Sat), the Red Carpet Rolls Out from the Kaminari Gate to the Senso Temple!
In celebration of the opening of the 1st edition of the festival, we will present a red carpet gala in the early evening of 22nd November (Sat). The red carpet rolls out from the famous Kaminarimon Gate all the way to the Senso-ji Temple and the festival guests participate in the walk with geishas, the Whiffler with Colden Sticks, SKD OS Stas dancers and many other individual performers. Please enjoy the beauty of the Asakusa's best sightseeing spots at dusk.
SHITA COME's Special Screenings Lined Up!
Six latest comedies both from Japan and abroad has lined up for the SHITA COME's Special Screenings, including works scheduled for theatrical releases in Japan after December 2008 and Japan Premiere foreign comedies which will not be released at theaters in Japan.
Opening Film/ World Premiere
Kanna's Big Success!
©2009 Yumiko Suzuki, Kodansha Ltd./ Kanna's Big Success!
Closing Film/ Japan Premiere
©2008 by Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.
Japan Premiere
©2007 DreamWorks LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Japan Premiere
You don't mess with the Zohan
©2008 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. and Beverly Blvd LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Japan Premiere
Knocked Up
©2007 Universal Studios. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Japan Premiere
©2008 GTS Distribution, LLC All Rights Reserved.

There's Something About the Farrelly Brothers

Jun Miura & Seiko Ito's
Photo by Hibiki Tokiwa
Fumio Takada's Comedy Film Seminar on Norihei Miki
Seiko Ito's Comedy Film Seminar on the Marx Brothers
C)1963 Paramount Productions, Inc. Renewed 1960 by EMKA Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Comedy Award of Honor and Special Screenings of Works by Shoichi Ozawa
Special Program for Kiyoshi Atsumi - Another Face of Kiyoshi Atsumi
©Toei Co., Ltd.
Musician/ Film Speaker His Excellency Demon Kogure x Lute Player Kakushin Tomoyoshi
Yumemachi Kannon
©Edo Net
Decotora no Shu/ Matsuri Bayashi
©2003 Mitsuru Shimizu/ Office Sanyo
SHITA COME Intermission Laughter Award 2008
Family Theater
Live Event
SHITA COME Intermission Laughter Award 2008 - The Consolation Match -
2nd Satsuma Shyokusai Market - Noir Food Culture
Heaven Artists